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Comprehensive financial & investment services.

Development & investment company iHomes offers comprehensive services in the field of: financial and property management, investment in real estate and construction.

We provide professional assistance in the sale and lease of commercial and residential real estate, property management and mortgage loans in the Czech Republic.

Experience 10+ years



Our priority is the highest quality of provided services and detailed preparation for project implementation. Evaluation of discount flows, detailed calculation of costs, analysis of the real estate market and current supply and demand – all this helps in the preparatory phase to determine the investment profitability of construction.

We provide comprehensive services in the preparation and implementation of the project, from design to construction phase leading to final building approval, subsequent sale, lease or property management. iHomes puts great emphasis on advertising strategy, we work with Internet marketing leaders who deal directly with real estate developers.

We will help you understand all aspects of real estate investment and will find the most attractive options for you with the greatest profit. As iHomes favors an individual approach to clients and confidentiality, therefore, confidential agreement is signed with each client. We emphasize diligence and efficiency, so we use only the most modern building technologies.

Project implementation consists of several stages.

Preparation phase:

  1. Analysis of the real estate market.
  2. Location selection and land-use plan analysis.
  3. Formation of project strategy.
  4. Investment analysis.
  5. Preparation of documentation

Construction phase:

  1. Fundraising.
  2. Acquisition of land.
  3. Formation of architectural and engineering team.
  4. Obtaining a building permit.
  5. Project marketing.
  6. Implementation of construction work (coordination).

Final phase:

  1. Sale of real estate.
  2. Final inspection / approval.
  3. Property management (if necessary).

Sale of real estate

iHomes provides comprehensive services in the field of residential and commercial real estate sales and management in the Czech Republic. We will help you find the most suitable option, we are ready to meet almost every requirement. The uniqueness of objects is of great importance to us.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with the largest Czech banks, iHomes provides its customers with mortgage loans on favorable terms (minimum rate – 2%). At the very beginning of our cooperation, our mortgage specialists will conduct a detailed financial analysis and determine the amount for which the bank can grant you a loan.

The process consists of several steps:

  1. Financial analysis.
  2. Pre-approval of a mortgage loan by the bank.
  3. Establishment of life insurance.
  4. Choosing a property that meets all your requirements.
  5. Signing of the reservation contract.
  6. Conclusion of Advance Purchase Agreement.
  7. Signing of the purchase contract.
  8. Submission of a proposal for the entry of ownership right in the Land Register.
  9. Handing over the property.

In the case of the acquisition of a property as an investment for subsequent lease, iHomes may take complete control of the property, consisting of:

  • search for potential tenants.
  • payment of service fees.
  • making repairs.
  • check the condition of the apartment.

The property owner will of course receive regular reports on the work done.

Our mission

The mission of iHomes is to create unique residential and commercial properties using modern building technologies. We want the real estate investment process in the Czech Republic to be as transparent, convenient, secure and as confidential as possible. An individual approach is not just a phrase for us, but it is our basic principle that you can see for yourself by contacting iHomes.

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