Smart house

“Smart house” with #1 in this field.

iHomes actively uses the “Smart house” system from inHome AMX, the industry leader in this field.

Thanks to technological advances, what was previously considered the privilege of future living has become a reality today.

The Smart home system helps to save energy and is therefore environmentally friendly. Also, a higher level of safety and comfort is ensured by remote control via smartphones and tablets.

The heart of a smart house …


Management and control

Operating the system is very easy and is done via the touch screen of any computer, laptop or mobile phone. Some functions can be controlled via the internet (cameras, alarm and room temperature).


Thanks to the “Smart house” you will be able to check the security status of your home at any time – alarm system, fire detectors, camera system, infrared barriers. When leaving home with just one click, you can turn on the alarm, close the blinds, turn off the lights and selected sockets. The “Smart house” also simulates living while you are away by regularly turning on the lights.

Heating technology

For efficient heating (cooling) different heat sources need to be combined. Our system responds flexibly to the activities of family members – opening a window, manually changing the room temperature and so on. Only through efficient and optimal regulation of alternative energy sources (solar panels, heat pumps, air recovery, photovoltaic cells) in combination with traditional sources can considerable savings be achieved.


The “Smart house” connects the switches to a central system that determines what lighting to turn on. The switches can also be wireless and can be placed in any place (glass, mirror, various metal and non-metallic materials). This allows different lighting modes and scenes to be created. At any moment, you can check where it is lit and where not, and turn any light source on or off from anywhere.


The “Smart house” connects the individual rooms, the garden and the external gates with the help of an intercom or video intercom based on an internal computer network (VoIP). As a standard, the connection to the city telephone network and internet access are included.


“Smart house” combines family photos, home videos, DVDs or Blu-ray movies, music albums, recorded programs into one multimedia center, which distributes audio and video signals (HDTV) to selected rooms. With one touch, you can turn on the TV, run a DVD with a movie, lift up the blinds, and regulate the light intensity.

Each client is provided with continuous maintenance and service of realized orders. “Smart house” allows remote management of the entire system.

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